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cornsA callus may form in a couple of different ways. People who often walk around barefoot develop calluses in place of shoes to protect the structural integrity of their feet. Calluses might also develop on the underside of your toes, what is called the metatarsal head. These callus formations can be caused due to uneven distribution of pressure by the toes and is often seen in flatfooted patients. Other times, calluses are simply the product of ill fitting shoes or socks. This can be amplified by working or exercising for extended periods of time in shoes that aren't practical.

It is possible for a corn or foot callus to dissipate naturally by simple alleviating the affected area of the friction and pressure on a consistent and regular basis. They may also be removed by dissolving agents such as solutions containing salicylic acid or by simply sanding them down with a pumice callus remover. The most effective and least painful method is to have them pared down by a podiatrist.

Removing calluses yourself can be a long and potentially painful process and if not done properly can result in infection. However, callus removal is an easy and pain free process here at the Southeast Podiatry. In order to properly treat the problem we first assess the cause of these calluses. Then we develop the most effective plan to properly manage them. There are many options to take care of unsightly or painful calluses including regular maintenance of the problematic areas, custom fit or padded footwear, orthotics, or surgical correction depending on the severity.

For treatment, please contact Dr. Brent Harwood or Dr. Bradford Egly at Southeast Podiatry.

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