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Arch Pain

Arch pain is often felt as a burning sensation under the long arch of the foot. There are several of causes of this. The most common is plantar fasciitis, but can also be due to the strain of any structure in the arch of the foot.


The arch is made up of bones and joints, which are held tightly together, in a precise relationship. When it is subjected to repeated abnormal weight, or the normal weight of a lifetime, the force breaks up this normal relationship, causing bones to shift and joints to buckle. This allows the arch to collapse, and produces pain. The ability of the arch to absorb the shock of each step is reduced, so that continued walking will eventually produce pain in the knee, hip, and lower back. The above categories will eventually cause this to happen. Arch pain can also be a manifestation of heel spur or nerve injury in the heel area. You can also have certain types of benign growths that can cause arch pain i.e. plantar fibromatosis.


First of all, wear proper shoes. When you buy new shoes, do so at the end of the day when your feet are swollen and somewhat larger than usual. Pick a shoe with a good support through the arch area and a thick, shock-absorbing sole. A heel that is ½ to &frac34 of an inch higher than the sole is helpful, as this puts less strain on your legs* and lower back. Shoes that lace tend to have better support. Never purchase a shoe with the intention of "breaking it in." Shoes should fit comfortably when you first try them on.

It is helpful to avoid walking on hard surfaces such as concrete. Stretching and exercising the muscles in your feet will keep them flexible. Often, foot fatigue is a reflection of poor general health, obesity, vitamin deficiency or lack of exercise. It is a good idea to keep your body in good physical condition.

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